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No Sleep, No Problem - A Word Game In 30 Days

January 20, 2016

Almost every developer has looked at a piece of software at some point and thought, "I could do better, and it wouldn't even be that hard." I tend to think that several times a day. It's nagging, annoying feeling, because no task is as simple as it sounds. Developers, especially, should know better - but we don't.

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Apple Music is a Usability Nightmare

June 30, 2015

I was really hoping that I could switch to Apple Music from Spotify. I really wanted this to work. Not because Spotify is bad, but because change can be fun (and because searching any song with Siri on my watch sounds pretty cool). I'm running the iOS 9 beta on my phone, so I downloaded the iOS 8.4 update on my iPad to check out Apple Music. Unfortunately, I don't see myself switching from Spotify anytime soon. I really tried to convince myself to give it a chance, but Apple Music is just simply awful to use. Everything I would want to do would either take forever or is simply not possible.

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Two Weeks Later With the Apple Watch

May 12, 2015

After 2 weeks with my Apple Watch, I've been making some notes about what life with it is like. Overall, I definitely like it, but there is, as there tends to be, room for improvement.

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