Cezary Wojcik
Keyboard Wizard
iPhone 5s Surprises

September 14, 2013

iPhone 5s

Most everything that was presented on the September 10th Apple Keynote was leaked on the internet beforehand. There were, however, two key surprises.

The first surprise is that the iPhone 5s will be a 64-bit system. This doesn't offer any direct advantages yet, but it's an intelligent foresight. Now it won't be an issue if future iPhones need more than 4 GB of memory. iPhone 5s will be the first 64 bit smartphone. That's also a good bragging right. The iPhone has a bright future ahead.

The second surprise is that I can't preorder the iPhone 5s even though the iPhone 5c is preorderable. Why is the iPhone 5c preorderable whereas the iPhone 5s is not? The main difference between the two is the Touch ID sensor. It's likely, then, that Touch ID is what is causing the issue. There were reports back in july of production issues with the fingerprint sensor. It's possible that Apple is still having issues with production.

This is the first time I'm going to have to wait in line at an Apple store to get a new iPhone. I've always been able to pre-order before. Now, however, more than ever, since there are possible production issues, I'm going to have to wait in line. Especially if I want a gold iPhone.