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SC2News 2.0 is out!

October 1, 2013

SC2News 2.0

On the same day that I got my new iPhone, the new version of my SC2News app was approved for the App Store. It was a good day.

I did notice one bug that I did not, unfortunately, foresee - since the settings plist is different, the app has a chance to crash if the new settings are not refreshed. I'll have to figure out how to fix that.

I rewrote SC2News 2.0 completely from scratch. I updated the look of the app for iOS 7. It has a far more simple interface than before. It is unapologetically uncluttered.

unapologetically uncluttered

Left: Old, Right: New

As I made this comparison image, I noticed that the RSS articles were exactly 1 year apart. I guess it's been basically exactly a year since I last updated the app. Late September seems to be app season.

I removed the settings screen from inside the app, as the tab bar controller gets in the way, and usually people only want to edit what RSS feeds they want to see once. It makes more sense to put it purely in the settings app and have good default feeds to begin with.

I also made the app support the iPad, which was relatively easy with iOS 7's new and improved auto-layout and some good scaling code.

The app also supports 64-bit and was built with the 64-bit flag. I used CGFloats and NSIntegers from the start to make sure that this was painless.

Apple's review time was insane. I submitted this app yesterday. It was reviewed and posted to the App Store in 1 day. That's never happened before. I hope that Apple keeps this up even past the initial iOS 7 launch, at least to some extent.

You can download the update on the App Store.