Cezary Wojcik
Keyboard Wizard
CorBus is released!

May 26, 2014


It took a little while, but CorBus is finally released. You can download it here!

I ran into an interesting App Store review technique that I had not heard of before, which caused the delay. Obviously, the CorBus app is location-specific. It shows bus stops that are near the user's location. This means that anywhere outside of Corvallis, this app will not show any stops in its default view. I was kind of wondering how Apple would go about testing this since they probably do most of the review work out of Cupertino, or at least, definitely not anywhere near Corvallis.

I mentioned in the Review Notes portion of my submission that CorBus will only work in Corvallis because I assumed that Apple had some way of spoofing locations as this kind of issue must come up fairly often. What I got instead was a "metadata rejection". The official reason for the rejection was that my review notes need to include a video of the app when it is working. I had not heard of this kind of requirement before, though to be fair, I haven't looked over all of Apple's official guidelines line by line. There was no place to upload a video; Apple simply wanted me to provide them some kind of link or description to get to it.

I filmed a quick video from my iPad and uploaded it to a YouTube account. I linked the video in the Review Notes, and that seemed to be enough because the app was approved today. It does make me wonder, however, what kind of location-specific easter eggs or other features I can hide from reviewers.